Synchronous Concealed Drawer Slides

Manufactured by high precision machine, silent soft close without noise, three section moving synchronous, 3D adjustable front brackets

Manufactured by high precision machine, silent soft close without noise, three section moving synchronous, 3D adjustable front brackets


Shanghai Yangli Furniture Material Co., Ltd

Professional furniture hardware production since 1999.



Our company SHANGHAI YANGLI FURNITURE MATERIAL CO., LTD established in 1999, focuses on furniture hardware accessories development and production. We currently operate two R&D centers and state of the art manufacturing bases in Shanghai and Zhongshan, Guangdong province. Our products are sold under two highly reputable brands: YANGLI  and Geriss. They are drawer system, Concealed slides, Ball bearing slides, Concealed hinge, handles, oven hinges and other furniture hardware accessories, which are used in furniture, cabinets, home appliance and mobile. Our products have gained reputation among more than 40 countries in the world.



  • How to installing the undermount drawer slides for face frame kitchen cabinets?

    For the full extension soft close undermount drawer slide with 3D locking device and rear brackets, how to installing to the face frame kitchen cabinets? Let us see the video to learn. More information, you can check our website at  https://www.yangli-sh.com/undermount-d...

  • How to install the synchronous concealed slide?

    Recently, according to the customer's requirements, hope me to explain how to install full extension synchronous concealed drawer slides. At the first, let me introduce what is the full extension synchronous concealed drawer slides. When this type slides working, the mid...

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    GERISS HARDWARE - China oven door hinge manufacturer introduce to the users.The hinge should be a reflection of the safety performance of the stove oven.For the gas cooker oven hinge’s material,thickness and the stability these three point can be good prove for the quali...

  • A cameo makes a big stage

    In furniture or cabinets production, actually hardware fittings holds its cost only around 5%-10%. But the stand or fall of quality of a furniture or cabinets, the most intuitive feeling is the smoothness of drawer slides, cabinet door switch and whether quiet, each function piece whether human n...

  • How to choose the right concealed drawer slides?

    Some customers asked me how to choose the right undermount drawer slide? Today I will introduce what types undermount drawer slide do we have.  Geriss hardware have some different type of concealed drawer slides.  For the details you can visit at https://www.yangli-sh.co...